New Drone Show at Disney Springs

New Drone Show at Disney Springs

Get ready for an enchanting experience as the skies above Disney Springs light up with the new “Disney Dreams that Soar presented by AT&T” drone show, starting May 24. Here at Somewhere Beyond Vacations, we are thrilled to give you an exclusive first look at this magical experience that Disney fans will absolutely adore!

A Magical Nighttime Spectacle

The Disney Live Entertainment team has worked tirelessly to create this limited-time nighttime extravaganza. During the first creative rehearsals, we captured some incredible glimpses of what promises to be a breathtaking show. Taking place off-site initially, these rehearsals have given us a peek into the spectacular event set to complement your evening at Disney Springs.

Meet the Characters

“We are presenting Disney characters who have had a dream of flying. Not just the idea that they can fly, but the idea of taking their lives to the next level,” said Show Director Tony Giordano. This thoughtful approach ensures that guests of all ages will see characters they love brought to life in the skies.

A Sky Full of Drones

Featuring 800 drones, this show creates a massive canvas in the night sky. Prepare to be amazed as you witness Baymax, nearly twice the height of Spaceship Earth, inflate, transform, and disappear before your eyes. Tony Giordano shared, “We were given the assignment to create an experience where you want to just hold the hand of the person next to you. That's always echoing in my mind as we work on this show.”

An Emotional Soundtrack

Music is integral to the show’s emotional impact. “Disney Dreams that Soar” includes beloved Disney soundtracks and an original song that inspires guests to follow their hearts, take a leap of faith, and reach for the stars.

Insider Tips for the Best Experience

To fully enjoy the drone show, we recommend finding a spot along the waterway in the Disney Springs West Side. With two shows each evening this summer, it’s a perfect way to end a day of shopping, playing, and dining at Disney Springs. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot Tony Giordano himself among the crowd, eagerly anticipating guests’ reactions.

“I can’t wait to stand next to the guests and hear their reactions. That's my favorite part of building any show because those reactions are why we do what we do. We want them to actually experience magic, and when you see all these drones, to me, you get to see real magic!” Tony added.