Experience Unparalleled Connectivity on Star Clippers by Musk

Experience Unparalleled Connectivity on Star Clippers by Musk

Set sail with Star Clippers and enjoy the freedom of the seas without losing touch with the world. Thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and its cutting-edge Starlink technology, guests aboard Star Clippers' magnificent tall ships can now experience high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, even in the most remote corners of the globe.

Enhanced Onboard Connectivity

Star Clippers' introduction of Starlink Wi-Fi represents a significant enhancement for both guests and crew. Utilizing SpaceX’s Low Earth Orbit satellite technology, Starlink ensures robust internet service, perfect for staying connected with loved ones and maintaining operational efficiency. Mikael Krafft, owner and president of Star Clippers, emphasized the importance of this development:

“The rollout of Starlink onboard our ships is a pivotal move in recognizing the importance of dependable connectivity while at sea. With our authentic sailing ships often calling on remote ports and small islands, ensuring our guests and crew can remain in touch with loved ones back home—as well as enhancing our operational systems on board—is a top priority.”

Affordable Wi-Fi Packages

Stay connected with Star Clippers' flexible and affordable Wi-Fi packages:

  • 1GB Plan: €18, valid for 7 days
  • 3GB Plan: €50, valid for 14 days
  • 5GB Plan: €80, valid for 21 days

These packages are available for purchase onboard Royal Clipper, Star Flyer, and Star Clipper, ensuring you have the right plan to fit your needs.

Discover the Magic of Tall Ship Sailing

For over 30 years, Star Clippers has been a leader in modern tall ship sailing, offering travelers unique voyages to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Central America. Their fleet includes three of the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels:

  • Star Clipper and Star Flyer: Traditional clipper ships with modern amenities, accommodating 166 guests.
  • Royal Clipper: The world’s largest full-rigged sailing ship, holding a Guinness World Record, and hosting 227 guests.

Each ship boasts expansive teak decks, swimming pools, informal dining, convivial tropical bars on deck, and piano lounges, providing an exceptional sailing experience.

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