Explore Penguin Rookeries on an Unforgettable Expedition Cruise

Explore Penguin Rookeries on an Unforgettable Expedition Cruise

At Somewhere Beyond Vacations, we strive to offer you the most unique and enriching travel experiences. That's why we're excited to share the news about Atlas Ocean Voyages' latest collaboration with the Global Penguin Society. This partnership offers an incredible opportunity for travelers to engage in conservation efforts while enjoying a memorable vacation.

Atlas Ocean Voyages, a leader in yacht expedition cruising, is now partnering with the Global Penguin Society, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's penguin species and their habitats. Starting with the World Navigator’s November 22, 2024, Antarctica expedition, guests will have the chance to explore penguin rookeries and gain insights into the Global Penguin Society’s vital research through onboard lectures and guided shore landings.

James Rodriguez, president and CEO of Atlas Ocean Voyages, shared, “During each Antarctica expedition, the continent’s resident penguin population is the star of the show. Our guests always delight in observing penguin behavior and activities in their natural habitat. This partnership will deliver added expert knowledge from the conservationists of the Global Penguin Society, and we look forward to welcoming them onboard to educate all of us.”

The Global Penguin Society aims to protect all 18 species of penguins and their ecosystems in the Southern Hemisphere. They achieve this by generating sound science, protecting habitats, and providing education. Aboard the World Navigator, guests will participate in discussions with researchers about their methods for collecting biological and ecological data, monitoring populations, tracking migration patterns, and assessing conservation threats.

As a Conservation Partner for the Wildlife Conservation Network, the Global Penguin Society benefits from enhanced resources and global reach, enabling it to conduct vital research, protect critical habitats, and engage in effective conservation efforts.

Atlas Ocean Voyages is also extending its partnership with ORCA, a marine conservation charity focused on studying and protecting whales, dolphins, and porpoises. On World Voyager’s 2024 Arctic expeditions, guests will engage with ocean conservationists dedicated to safeguarding these magnificent creatures. Through citizen science projects, guests can contribute to conservation efforts, participate in hands-on workshops, and use ORCA's Oceanwatchers app to record environmental and sighting information.

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