Virgin Voyages Successfully Trials Sustainable Marine Fuel for Net Zero Emissions.

Virgin Voyages Successfully Trials Sustainable Marine Fuel for Net Zero Emissions.

Set Sail into a Greener Future: Virgin Voyages Achieves Success in Sustainable Marine Fuel Trial

Embark on an eco-friendly journey with Virgin Voyages as they proudly announce the success of their first sustainable marine fuel trial. This milestone demonstrates Virgin Voyages' commitment to sustainability and its goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As trailblazers in the industry, Virgin Voyages, led by Sir Richard Branson, tested sustainable marine fuels, including waste-based biofuels, on their Barcelona-based Valiant Lady. The trial, conducted from September 24 to October 16, involved analyzing fuel and engine performance, ensuring compliance with lab requirements and operational expectations. The fuel mix comprised 20% global ISCC certified used cooking oil and 80% conventional heavy fuel oil, strategically chosen to address the significant fuel demand of maritime vessels.

Jill Stoneberg, Senior Director of Social Impact and Sustainability for Virgin Voyages, emphasized the importance of testing sustainable fuel mixed with heavy fuel oil, a key player in the industry's fuel consumption. Stoneberg noted, "Sustainable, bio-based fuels can work with our existing engines today, and we could transition to these cleaner fuels now if they were more readily available and affordable."

Virgin Voyages, on its path to net-zero carbon emissions, is championing sustainable practices among sailors and promoting responsible tourism in over 100 ports of call. The cruise line has already eliminated unnecessary single-use plastics, prioritizes sustainably sourced goods, and actively engages in social impact initiatives. The "Sea Change Fund" on board supports mangrove reforestation in the Caribbean.

Stoneberg expressed optimism, stating, "Completing our first sustainable fuel trial is incredibly promising; this is a near-term solution for the shipping and cruising industry." Virgin Voyages encourages its peers to explore and test sustainable fuels, contributing to a stronger demand that will expedite market acceleration.

As regulations mandate the industry to adopt more sustainable fuels by 2025, Virgin Voyages is poised for this transition, investigating how sustainable fuel adoption aligns with its decarbonization strategy in the short term. Join us on this sustainable voyage towards a greener future. Ready to book your eco-conscious cruise? Click today for exclusive deals and unforgettable journeys.