Explore the Hair-Raising Haunted Houses at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Explore the Hair-Raising Haunted Houses at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of darkness as we delve into the chilling and pulse-pounding haunted houses of Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights. From cursed curses to malevolent monsters, each house offers a unique and spine-tingling experience that will leave you breathless and craving more. Join us as we navigate through the eerie mazes of Universal Orlando's Haunted Houses, where fear awaits at every turn and an unforgettable nightmare awaits.

1. Try to Escape the Curse of Vecna: Confronting Unearthly Terror

You must band together with your squad if you want to resist Vecna’s gruesome curse. Take on the scariest season of Stranger Things yet. Like Eleven, now’s your chance to stop him once and for all as you have the ultimate showdown in Vecna’s blood-red mindscape. Every ending has a beginning.

2. An Evil Reawakened: Face the Darkness Within

Angela. Katherine. Two missing girls have been found with no memory of what happened to them. But wherever they went, the ultimate evil has returned with them. Witness a chilling chain of events as you enter the most terrifying scenes from the new Blumhouse film.

3. Step Into the World of The Last of Us™: Survive the Apocalypse

You and your squad will encounter the haunting and overgrown world of Naughty Dog’s video game in a brand-new, terrifying way, as you make your way through an abandoned Pittsburgh. Join Joel and Ellie, and don’t make a sound if you want to survive Clickers, Hunters and more. No matter what, keep finding something to fight for.

4. Chucky’s Back for Even More Carnage: A Playtime of Terror

Chucky, the serial killer doll, is back for a new gorefest! He’s hijacked his own haunted house with all kinds of bloody hijinks. You and your friends must try to survive his ultimate kill count.

5. Four Universal Monsters. One New Nightmare.: Classic Horrors Reimagined

Descend into the Paris Catacombs, where you and your squad will face a new horde of Monsters: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Phantom of the Opera, the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Invisible Man

6. Your Soul is a Price He’s Willing to Pay: Make a Deal with the Devil

You won’t be able to resist going inside Dr. Oddfellow’s menacing menagerie of twisted oddities. But the price for you and your friends is steep: the cost of your souls to feed his immortal power.

7. No Matter Who You Choose, You Lose: A Game of Survival

Two warlocks of great power were turned into dragons after trying to take Merlyn’s spell book. Now you and your friends are caught in their epic battle. You must choose a path and a victor.

8. Yeti or Not, Here They Come: A Frozen Terror

You and your friends are about to venture into a 1950s campground overrun by huge, menacing yetis who rip apart anyone who gets in their way. You must flee to the ranger tower to escape.

9. Fame is Fleeting. Fear is Forever.: An Encore of Dread

Blues musician Pinestraw Spruce will have to face the music after meeting with The Collector and trading his soul for musical glory. You and your squad learn the terrible price of fame.

10. Bleed for the Blood Moon: A Sacrifice of Horror

In a Colonial-era village, moon-worshippers witness a blood moon at their fall festival. They take it as a sign to hunt down any non-followers, including you and your scream squad.

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