Thailand joining the Tourism Cares' Meaningful Travel Program

Thailand joining the Tourism Cares' Meaningful Travel Program

Discover Thailand's commitment to sustainable tourism through our Meaningful Travel Maps, an innovative B2B tool designed to empower travel advisors like you. Our curated maps showcase organizations making positive social and environmental impacts in various destinations, allowing you to confidently recommend vetted offerings to your sustainably-minded clients.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)'s decision to partner with Tourism Cares aligns with our shared vision of responsible travel. The organization aims to foster connections that deepen global travelers' understanding and appreciation for Thailand and its people. At Somewhere Beyond Vacations, we are proud to support TAT's sustainable tourism initiatives, including:

  1. Meaningful Relationship Initiative: Inspire and motivate travelers to engage in meaningful connections with themselves, local communities, nature, and Thailand as a whole.
  2. Low-Carbon Travel: Explore 20 example adventures promoting low-carbon travel, such as walking tours, ziplining, biking, boating, hiking, and more.
  3. Sustainable Tourism Goals (STGs): Align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, introducing a STAR rating system to certify tourism businesses for sustainability.
  4. Thailand Tourism Awards: Celebrate the Thailand Tourism Awards with two new categories focusing on low-carbon and sustainability.

Ms. Pornpan Intratat, Los Angeles office director for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, expresses her pride in embarking on a journey of sustainability and responsible tourism alongside Tourism Cares. In 2024, TAT is committed to fostering eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices, placing Thailand at the forefront of this global movement.

As your go-to travel agency, Somewhere Beyond Vacations invites you to join us in weaving a tapestry of responsible travel experiences. Engage with more Thai suppliers and ensure certification into the Tourism Cares program. Book your next vacation with us and be a part of this transformative journey towards sustainable and meaningful travel.