Why It's Essential to Consider Gen Alpha When Booking Travel

Why It's Essential to Consider Gen Alpha When Booking Travel

By Somewhere Beyond Vacations, Jun 25, 2024

While many look to Gen Z for what's next in the world of travel, some savvy hospitality brands are realizing there’s a new kid on the block (pun intended) driving travel decisions. Gen Alpha, those born between 2010 and 2024, is projected to become the largest generation in history, with more than 2.8 million people born weekly. Travel brands are setting their sights on this newest demographic of future spenders, a projected two billion new globetrotters.

With locations in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, Beaches Resorts conducted a survey of Gen Alpha travelers (facilitated by their parents, of course) to determine how this generation is influencing family travel decisions, their vacation preferences, and how the industry can best cater to their soon-to-be largest customer base. The results of that survey show that the Alpha kids definitely have a say in where their families travel.

The future jet-setting influencers: 85 percent of Gen Alpha children have input on where to go on vacation.

Skip-gen travel remains the priority: 71 percent of Gen Alpha children want to travel with their grandparents.

They’re coming for airline status: 64 percent of families are taking two or more trips per year, even with young kids.

Spending vacay time with parents over peers: 55 percent of Gen Alpha prefer to partake in activities with their parents for vacation bonding vs. with peers.

Tweens say it’s cool to travel with your parents: 70 percent of kids ages 11+ would prefer to spend time with their parents.

Summer (swim) school is cool: 53 percent of Gen Alpha would like to learn to swim on vacation, followed by a new language, surfing, scuba diving, art, and skiing.

Gen Alpha prefers the beach: Beach vacations are the number one style of vacation (36 percent), followed by theme parks (32 percent), historical sites (14 percent), urban cities (9 percent), and natural wonders (9 percent).

Beaches Resorts surveyed nearly 1,500 adults; parents answered from the perspectives of their children ages 0-14. Beaches is one of the Caribbean’s leading all-inclusive resort brands for families, and is certainly catering to Gen Alpha with new and upcoming initiatives. Beaches Negril recently debuted its brand-new luxury beachfront villas, perfect for Gen Alpha travelers and their families.

The six four-bedroom, three-story Firesky Reserve Villas are equipped with posh living areas, private pools, and direct access to a pristine stretch of beach. On the opposite end of the resort and comprising six suites, the Eventide Penthouse Collection ranges from three to four bedrooms, each with access to a rooftop terrace ideal for stargazing and family dinners. Each Beaches location also provides access to a plethora of kid and family-friendly activities, ranging from Sesame Street Sunrise Yoga to Reading Road Trips in local communities.

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