Step into the enchanting world of Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Step into the enchanting world of Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Join Princess Tiana and her critter friends on a musical journey through the bayou, where the spirit of Mardi Gras comes to life in a magical celebration.

Get ready to groove to the rhythms of Rara music with a new group of critter musicians. Meet Octavia the Bobcat, Pawpaw the Bobcat, Claude the Louisiana Black Bear, Bernadette the Louisiana Black Bear, Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear, and Phina the Gray Fox. These lively characters bring their unique talents and personalities to the bayou, adding to the vibrant tapestry of Tiana's world.

As you journey through the attraction, encounter these beloved critters as Audio-Animatronics figures, immersing yourself in their whimsical performances. And don't miss the chance to spot them on the Walt Disney World attraction poster, capturing the excitement and magic of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Stay tuned for the final reveal of talented critters next week, and get ready to cheer on your favorites when Tiana's Bayou Adventure opens at Walt Disney World Resort this summer, followed by Disneyland Resort later this year.

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