Tourism in Israel Picking Up During the War?

Tourism in Israel Picking Up During the War?

Despite the challenges, travel to Israel has shown remarkable resilience since October 7th. While U.S. arrivals in Tel Aviv are down to 30% compared to the first quarter of 2023, the country’s tourism industry remains vibrant. Our firsthand experience in Israel reveals bustling restaurants, notable hotel launches, and even the opening of a new national park.

Eyal Carlin, commissioner of tourism to North America for the Israel Ministry of Tourism, highlights this resilience: “Now more than ever, on the occasion of Israel's Independence Day, we celebrate the partnership and support of the U.S. travel industry. Despite the significant drop in tourism after October 7th, we are encouraged by the 30% return from the U.S. market this quarter. The enduring interest in Israel is crucial for the country’s economy and spirit. We welcome and encourage continued travel planning, whether now or in the future.”

Exciting New Hotels in Israel

Israel has welcomed several new hotels in the past six months, each offering unique experiences:

The George

Located near Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, The George opened in February 2024. Designed by Lazaro Rosa-Violan, it features 170 rooms, including 40 for extended stays, and showcases 1,000 pieces of art from Tel Aviv’s Gordon Gallery. Guests can enjoy three restaurants, a jazz club, The George Spa, an indoor-outdoor gym, an outdoor pool, and workspaces for business travelers.

Almond Hotel

This adults-only retreat, part of the C-Hotel Chain, opened in Neve Ilan in February 2024. Inspired by Israeli art, Almond Hotel offers 60 contemporary rooms, some with private swim-up pools. Luxurious amenities include a rooftop pool with views of the Jerusalem mountains, a gourmet restaurant, and a spa with nine treatment rooms.

David’s Harp Galilee Resort Hotel

This new four-star hotel in Emek Hayarden, designed to resemble a harp, offers stunning views of the Sea of Galilee. It features natural materials like basalt stones, a day spa, an Israeli restaurant, and the Victory Amphitheater.

Albi Florentin

Opened in March 2023 in Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood, this boutique hotel blends technology with comfort. It offers a digital concierge service, culinary market tours, and a rooftop lounge with an open-air Jacuzzi, sunbeds, and lounge chairs overlooking Tel Aviv’s rooftops.

New National Park and Cultural Highlights

In addition to new accommodations, Israel’s attractions continue to draw visitors:

‘Ubeidiya National Park

Opened in April in the Jordan Valley, this park is centered around the prehistoric site of ‘Ubeidiya, featuring 1.6 million-year-old stone tools and bones. The Nature and Parks Authority of Israel has made the park accessible with new roads and hiking trails.

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Ranked #75 in The Art Newspaper’s 2023 ranking of the world’s best museums, the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art welcomed 906,350 visitors. Founded in 1932, it’s a premier institution for modern and contemporary art from Israel and abroad.

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