An Artistic Culinary Adventure Aboard Sun Princess!

An Artistic Culinary Adventure Aboard Sun Princess!

Get ready for an extraordinary dining experience as Princess Cruises introduces the first-of-its-kind collaboration with Romero Britto, the renowned artist known for his vibrant and bold style, to create 'Love by Britto.' This artistic dining experience, set to debut on the Sun Princess in early 2024, promises a unique celebration of love and art against the backdrop of the high seas.

Love by Britto Highlights:

  1. Immersive Artistry:
    Located on Deck 17, 'Love by Britto' is a boutique restaurant venue featuring Romero Britto's iconic and joyful designs. Couples can indulge in a world of vivid colors, bold patterns, and heartfelt emotions, creating an ambiance of extraordinary service immersion.
  2. Culinary Journey:
    Curated by Chef Rudi Sodamin, the culinary virtuoso aboard Princess and Holland America ships, the menu at Love by Britto transcends into a multisensory exploration. It showcases extraordinary dishes embodying passion, flavor, and creativity.
  3. Debut in 2024:
    Be among the first to experience 'Love by Britto' when the Sun Princess launches in early 2024. Princess Cruises aims to create unparalleled dining destinations that go beyond the ordinary.
  4. Britto's Vision:
    Romero Britto, a global advocate for happiness and the founder of the Happy Art Movement, expresses excitement about celebrating love for life every evening aboard the Sun Princess. His vibrant art is set to uplift and transform guests' experiences.
  5. Luxurious Menu:
    Love by Britto will feature a seven-course, prix fixe menu ($149 per person) with luxury ingredients, including lobster, caviar, truffles, and delightful dessert options like chocolate fondue.
  6. Expanded Restaurant Options:
    Sun Princess boasts an array of restaurant options, including Princess’ first Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, an authentic Irish Pub, casual eats, World Fresh Marketplace, and pop-up concepts from celebrity chefs Dario Cecchini and Sodamin, along with Princess favorites like Crown Grill, Sabatini's, Kai Sushi, and Alfredo's Pizzeria.

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