Don’t think a cruise is for you?

Don’t think a cruise is for you?

Neither did I. I was practically dragged on my first cruise. I am happy to share that I got off the ship a changed man and now cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel.

“I never thought I would enjoy cruising.

As someone who typically doesn't like swimming in the ocean, I never really had the desire to go on a cruise ship. That changed on my first cruise, which I agreed upon just to placate my insistent girlfriend. In fact, on that first cruise, I bought her a promise ring (at ridiculously low prices in Mexico, I might add.)

You see, before I cruised, my idea of a cruise ship was a big boat on the water, and I don't mess with the ocean. How could I enjoy that? The reality of it is, though, that once you're out there, the fact that you're on a ship never crosses your mind. It's more like being in a luxury hotel with a view of the ocean.

There's so much to do! It's something of a choose-your-adventure situation. Want to be a night owl and party late at night? There's a dance club. Want to relax and take things at your own pace? Grab a book and find yourself a quiet spot (There are PLENTY). With endless food options, all kinds of shows and entertainment, trivia games, and dozens of bars, pools, and hot tubs... the only real thought I had was that I wish I had booked a longer cruise.

That was several years ago. I've now gone on a total of five cruises. We even went on an Alaska cruise for our honeymoon... you definitely need to do an Alaska cruise at some point. We now plan our future travel plans around cruising. From an upcoming trans-Pacific cruise to Norwegian fjords -- we want to see it all.

So yeah, trust me when I say it's not only enjoyable but an affordable way to travel and simply have a good time. Seriously, compare it to a hotel with a view, and don't forget to add in food and travel costs. Cruising will win every time... it does for me now, too.”

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- James Thomas