Club Med reveals new environmental conservation programs and initiatives!

Club Med reveals new environmental conservation programs and initiatives!

Exciting news from Club Med! In celebration of Earth Month, Club Med, a trailblazer in the all-inclusive travel industry, has unveiled its latest corporate sustainability initiatives under the Happy to Care program. This program is not only dedicated to Earth Month but extends its commitment to environmental conservation throughout the year. As a travel agency passionate about responsible tourism, Somewhere Beyond Vacations is thrilled to share these inspiring developments.

Carolyne Doyon, President and CEO of Club Med North America and the Caribbean, emphasizes the importance of sustainability in travel, stating, “At Club Med, we believe that caring for our planet is not just a responsibility but a privilege.” Through Happy to Care, Club Med aims to make a meaningful impact on the environment and local communities, enriching the lives of both guests and residents.

Club Med's sustainability projects are diverse and impactful. For instance, at Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, partnerships with local organizations focus on biodiversity protection and sustainable tourism practices. One notable initiative is Protortuga, a sea turtle monitoring and protection program that contributes to the conservation of three endangered sea turtle species.

Moreover, Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda collaborates with The Peregrine Fund to raise awareness of endangered species in the Dominican Republic, including the Ridgeway Hawk. Through educational workshops and fundraising efforts, guests and staff engage in conservation efforts while learning about local wildlife.

Club Med Columbus is also actively involved in environmental conservation. The resort hosts Mini Sea Camps for local teens, educating them about reef preservation and marine ecosystems. Additionally, Club Med Columbus partners with Only Blue Diving to launch Only Blue for Reef, an NGO dedicated to coral reef restoration and habitat protection.

As a member of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Club Med demonstrates its commitment to industry-wide environmental sustainability. The alliance, representing over 50,000 properties globally, aims to advance sustainable practices within the hospitality sector. Club Med's dedication to sustainability is further evident through initiatives like the "Bye Bye Plastic" program, which aims to minimize single-use plastics across its resorts.

Looking ahead, Club Med's CSR initiatives for North America include certifications such as Green Globe and BREAAM, supporting local agriculture, renewable energy projects like solar panel farms, and partnerships for turtle monitoring and coral reef conservation.

At Somewhere Beyond Vacations, we're excited to support sustainable travel experiences like those offered by Club Med. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet while enjoying unforgettable vacations. Book your next eco-friendly trip with us today!